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About Us
“Technology” is the most passionate word of today’s generation, as we see in our homes that children  
from a very young age are becoming familliar to smart Phones, Computers and various Electronic  
Gadgets. It means that they have a natural potential to understand the latest technology

BRAINYBOTS are here to divert their unused potential into an ultimate constructive skill by offering them a platform  
to convert their imagination into real working Robots. In brief we are blending hands on training with technology,  
firstly to build Robot model with hands and then with the help of a very simple Computer Program giving life to them.  
Besides the academic development, this training program teaches children about Teamwork and serves as a forum  
for the development of their personality and leadership skills which will help them immensely in their personal growth.
To make the training program even more interesting we have chosen the Number One Top Rated Kit in Today’s  
World for Hustle Free Assembling and Interactive Learning, consisting of an intelligent microcomputer brick and  
intuitive drag and drop programming software.These Robot kit feature unassembled (no soldering required just plug  
and play) hardware and mechanical-drive systems and can be handled by anyone from ages 8 and above. These  
fascinating robotic kit allow user to experience and learn any one of the following features: Sound Sensor, Remote  
Control, Infrared Sensor, Touch Sensor, Colour Sensor and programmable memory.
Welcome To Our Robotics Education Centre

Robotics has proven to be an effective medium to pique Students interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
Robotics Technology is a very growing and rewarding Industry as we see its major role in Defense, Healthcare, Logistics, Security, Manufacturing and a lot more
As Technology becoming a necessity in today's modern world its mandatory to not only adopt technology in our daily routine but to also know creating it. Technology is the bright future and today's Kids are tomorrows Technologists
Lets give our Kids the Robotics Experience of Learning.
Importance of Robotics Education
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