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Necessity of Robotics’ in Schools
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is more important than ever in this high-tech, fast-paced world. Schools all over the world are revolutionizing the way they teach by incorporating technology and engineering across the entire curriculum.
Learning Models
Robotic focuses on problem-solving and exploratory learning by encouraging students to work in teams to actively engage in challenges
and discover solutions. What could be a more suitable tool for exploring the world of science than an advanced, interactive, speaking, and moving robot?
Our Program attract students and parents by offering a curriculum that includes the latest technological advances in a fun and accessible way. Whatever career paths your students take, a robot can lead the way!
Implementation and Benefits
We provide complete Training Program exclusively at Schools for Students from Class Five upwards. Our Robotic Training Program can be very comfortably integrated with the School Timetable and also covers important "STEM" topics in its curriculum as per CBSE, ICSE and State Boards.
Our Robotics Training Program also plays a major role in awarding CCE Grades to students as we provide full evaluated CCE friendly score sheet for each student at the completion of Training Program.
Salient Features of our Robotics Training Program
Regular Classes at School with Handout and Worksheet Distribution. Our Robotic Training Program can be very comfortably integrated with the School Timetable, in the existing classroom situation (Computer Lab or AV Classroom) and form ROBOTICS CLUB providing a complete learning solution which is then reinforced in a fun filled way - students experience these concepts through the models they create
A 15 Day Camp to keep Students Busy in Vacations. Both Students and Educators have a great time in creating autonomous robots, projects and enjoy the learning and accomplishment of having building and creating them
This is the introductory course to Robotics. Students are introduced to all the hardware elements (Controller, Motors and Sensors) over the 2 workshops and will be challenged to build robots. An understanding of how Programming is done will also be demonstrated and discussed. The course, with the help of our handouts given to each participant, also gives students insights to the science and technology behind the components covered

Hands on training is given on Sound Operated, Ultrasonic and Light Sensor Operated Robots along with Programming. Concepts of DC motor, DC Stepper Motor, Levers, Distance Calculation, Gears and Electricity Generation are also briefed
Interactive Learning Techniques, hands on Training
Teach the basics of Science, Computing and Technology
Provide Exposures to basic concepts of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering
Strengthens Students problem solving skill
Implements Team Work Spirit
Logical Analysis of Programming by self doing
Opens fresh Horizon to Creativity and Innovation
Achieve Global Awareness
Technological Literacy
Adaptation of SPA ( Sense Plan Act )
This program helps the School in enhancing the standard to effectively meet todays generation requirements
Printed Handouts for references
Awarding Certificates on Completion of Robotics Training Program
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